Admin Portal Change Log - 2022-06-14

New Features

  • Custom HTTP headers in web applications
    The users can send any http request headers to web applications, also the users receive any http response headers from web applications.
  • SAML Single-Sign-On (SSO) for web applications
    This new form of SSO allows the admin to configure just 1 URL field which grants the user to authenticate and connect to web applications. If this method is used, the web application must support this method.
  • Link applications
    User Portal displays external link as same as "bookmarks". External applications that access with Safous Agent can be displayed in the User Portal.
  • SaaS applications (SAML applications)
    The SaaS application is the ability to access SaaS applications using Safous without a Safous Agent.  The ability acts as the SAML IdP while conducting SSO with SAML services providers that are the SaaS applications.
  • System Log
    You can see error log such as health check.
  • Safous Agent Settings
    This feature controls the behavior of the Safous Agent. "Persist authentication" gives the ability to control if to have Safous Agent automatically authenticate after host startup, or not. Safous recommends disabling it, but please be aware of the security risks when enabling it.


  • issue/674 : changed words "Recordings" to "Grant access to Recording data" on Users, Groups and Groups(IdP)
  • issue/665 : Link to Knowledge Base, Safous web site and Customer Portal
  • issue/662 : Improved license handling
  • issue/664, 697 : Improved multilingual support

Bug fix

  • issue/698 : Adjusted height of Application Health and Top Access Application on the Analytics page
  • issue/688, 710 : Fixed internal warning
  • issue/690 : Fixed a bug that displayed number on protocol column on the Analytics/ZTNA/Applications page