Admin Portal Change Log - 2022-07-19

New features

  • Provides a new feature that generates a random password and notifies the user via email when you add a new user to the Safous Admin Portal
  • Provides the feature to download logs in CSV and JSON format
  • Provides import and export features with CSV file for Link applications
  • Provides export feature with CSV file for users


  • issue/595 : Change the email format for notification
  • issue/699 : Display and search country name on the activity log
  • issue/751, 752, 754, 757 : Adjust data to display for mobile
  • issue/736 : Add a button to add new category to the side menu on the Settings/ZTNA/Application page
  • issue/680 : Optimize load application data on the Settings/ZTNA/Application/Applications page
  • issue/755 : Change layout of application's header 2022-07-19-06
  • issue/540 : Change layout of policy, name of "Integration" to "Rule", and move "Personal Desktop" settings from configuration to policy
  • issue/758 : Supports regex format of "Rule (Custom)"

Bug fix

  • issue/753 : Fix the issue that didn't display list on the Settings/ZTNA/Application/Links page by mobile
  • issue/756 : Exclude Link and SaaS apps from "Uncategorized" on the Settings/ZTNA/Application
  • issue/761 : Fix the issue that name column is overflow on the Settings/ZTNA/Application/Links page
  • issue/762 : Fix the issue that didn't display list on the Settings/ZTNA/Application/SaaS page by mobile
  • issue/769 : Fix the issue that didn't access an application in case of setting IP address to application
  • issue/822 : Fix the issue that didn't upload an icon on the Settings/ZTNA/Application/Links and SaaS page