Admin Portal Change Log - 2022-09-01

New features

  • Provides a new configuration of Logs
  • Provides a new configuration of Application Health
  • Provides a new configuration of Recording
  • Provides password policy for local users
  • Provides a new feature that generates Trusted Certificate and download Client Certificate
  • Provides a new feature that generates a random password and notifies the user via email when you add a new user to ZTNA2022-09-01-10
  • Provides a new external rule that matches specified IP addresses. This rule can be specified more than once


  • issue/843 : layout is changed on the Settings/ZTNA/Applications/Category page
  • issue/971 : Installation tokens can be obtained for the number of subscriptions of app gateway on the Tenant/Service page

Bug fix

  • issue/857 : fix the issue with incorrect counts on the map
  • issue/863 : fix the issue that API didn't return some parameters
  • issue/881 : fix the issue that layout is broken on the Tenant/Users page
  • issue/884 : excluded requests from Safous System on the map and top locations on the Analytics/Dashboard page
  • issue/1008 : fix the issue that Link app mis-configured visible parameter is false