Admin Portal Change Log - 2022-10-11

New Features

  • Settings/ZTNA/Configurations/Applications
    • Translate links in a published web application that is in two or more policies. Administrators can configure settings so that web application URLs are translated across all authorized policies.

    • Enable font-smoothing in web-RDP sessions. Substantially improved readability of fonts for web-RDP sessions.

  • Added option to harden Native SSH and Native RDP sessions to match IP address of the user
  • Configuring Multiple Personal Desktops for RDP Protocol. The new Personal Desktop feature is a configurable policy to create a number of personal desktops for users, giving users access to different servers.


  • Change "Settings/ZTNA/Configurations/Application Health" to "Settings/ZTNA/Configurations/Applications"
  • "Record directly in mp4 format" on the "Settings/ZTNA/Configurations/Recording" page is temporary disabled because the feature doesn't work properly. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • Panel view on the "Settings/ZTNA/Applications/Applications" page has been closed. Added sort features and move protocol filter to table header.
  • Retry to get logs when getting log is failed on the Analytics/ZTNA/* Logs page
  • Text and words have been changed.
  • Performance improvements have been implemented.

Bug fix

  • Fixed the issue that layout is broken of some pages
  • Fixed the issue that was unable to search of some pages