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How to Configure Remote Syslog for App Gateway

In some cases, you might want to send any logs of the App Gateway to a remote syslog server. This article will explain how to configure the remote syslog in App Gateway-side. It assumes that you already have a separate running syslog server.

  1. Edit the yml file
    Login to the App Gateway via SSH using account with sudo privilege.
    sudo vi /etc/cyolo/config/docker-compose.yml

    Add the following line under "environment"

    SYSLOG_ADDRESSES=udp://<IP address>:514

    Adjust the IP address (and the port if it is not 514) accordingly.
    The result will be similar to the following.

    Ensure that the number of spaces for indentation is the same as other entries.

  2. Recreate the container
    Since we made an edit on the yml file, we need to recreate the container.
    sudo docker-compose -f /etc/cyolo/config/docker-compose.yml up -d


That concludes the step to configure remote syslog for App Gateway.
It is a good practice to check from syslog server as well to verify that the logs are indeed sent.