Create First Simple Policy

Creating policy for mapping proper user and application, so internal business app can be access from your ZTNA environment for the first time requires some of the checklist that need to be done first:

  • Deployed App Gateway in your environment, please check these KB for each domain your environment used:
  • Have admin user to configure tenant user, please check these KB down below:


  1. login to
  2. Go to Settings tab> ZTNA
  3. Choose Policies
  4. Click New Policy, it will expand multiple forms to be fulfilled for new user
  5. When filling the form, please follow these rules:
    • Policy Name is the required filed, which is a unique value with other username
    • User Groups is required and have many options, which for this simple policy will choose specific user & groups and put one user
    • Application Categories is required, you must at least choose one application to be mapped
    • Access Policies is optional, by default Require MFA options is enable and the rest of the options are disabled, which for this time just used default options