Creating SMB-based Application

  • login to
  • Go to Settings tab> ZTNA
  • In Application, choose Applications
  • Click New Application, it will expand multiple forms to be filled for new application

    1. Fill Name information, which is the required filed and must be unique value with other application
    2. Fill Application Address/FQDN/Hostname for your internal business app that you will mapped by using IP format (, FQDN (app1.coba.lan) or hostname (app1)
    3. Select Site is optional as you could leave it using "all" but for multisite deployment it's recommended to choose the correct site based on the application location
    4. Access URL will automatically created based on Name, but it's customizable. 
    5. Enable/Disable visibility of the application in the User Portal. If disabled, application will not appear in the User Portal, but can still be accessed using its Access URL. 
    6. Upload the Icon if needed. 
    7. Input Category to ease management of application. 
    8. Choose SMB on Protocols.
    9. Port, by default it will use standard SMB port (445) but you can change it.
    10. Share Name is required if the product that you're using is not allowing any root shared directory, please check the official documentation from the vendor/product that you use (example for windows shared folder: Users/lab-user/Downloads/share10)
      Select whether using SSO or Not. 
    11. If using SSO, select user credentials used.
    12. If using secrets from Vault, then choose the credentials. 
  • Once every field has been filled and choose, the only thing to do is click "Save"