Requirements for End Users to Access SBI Services

Once the customer tenant's admin publishes the SBI app in the User Portal, any end user with an account and the privilege to access the app can access it directly. However, accessing the SBI session through the web UI requires meeting minimum browser requirements and may come with certain caveats.

Supported Browser

Most modern browsers are supported for SBI sessions. The following table details the browsers that are compatible:


Browser Version
Google Chrome 49 or later
Microsoft Edge 14 or later
Mozilla Firefox 48 or later
Safari 11 or later
Internet Explorer* 11

*) The audio may not be supported and could become completely unsupported in the future.


  • Audio is not supported on mobile browsers.

  • Seamless Clipboard feature (Copying and Pasting without using the control panel) is only supported on Chrome and Chromium-based client browsers.

  • Support for Input Method Editors (IME) on mobile devices is limited.