Reinstall WAAP Module Using Different Domain

When trying to reinstall WAAP module in the same server (VM or cloud instance) but using different domain (for example, previously it was, now it is, please mind a way to remove the WAAP module containers. 

To completely remove WAAP module containers, use this command

cd /etc/safous/waap
sudo docker-compose down -v
cd /etc/safous
sudo rm -rf waap/

Then you can reinstall the WAAP using this guide: in the section "Install WAAP Module".

Note: the "-v" in docker-compose down is used to remove the volume or database. Not using this option (only docker-compose down) makes old database of old domain persists, hence new database will failed to initialize. 

Here's the "-v" and other docker-compose down explanation, get from 

Option Short Default Description
--remove-orphans     Remove containers for services not defined in the Compose file.
--rmi     Remove images used by services. "local" remove only images that don't have a custom tag ("local"|"all")
--timeout -t   Specify a shutdown timeout in seconds
--volumes -v   Remove named volumes declared in the "volumes" section of the Compose file and anonymous volumes attached to containers.