Supervised User

Supervised user function is very helpful for monitored and controlled login process based on approval before some or specific users can access the ZTA environment you have. Before you could do that you need to have admin user to configure tenant user, please check these KB down below about Admin access:


  1. login to
  2. Go to Settings tab> ZTA
  3. In Accounts, choose Users
  4. Click New User, it will expand multiple forms to be fulfilled for new user
  5. When filling the form for Supervised User it almost the same as creating user in here, with the addition to select user as supervisor in Supervisor form and click safe
  6. Once created, you could see the supervised user is added to user list, which you could see the difference where the "Enrolled By" information is not TOTP nor SMS rather SUPERVISED
  7. Now that newly created supervised user can login to https://users.<xxx> using username and password that have been defined before
  8. Once the supervised user login, it will will be redirected to verification page to be approved by the supervisor
  9. The supervisor will get SMS notification from the system and need to click the link that being received 

  10. Once approved by the supervisor, the supervised user can access to internal business application that being authorized by admin