Uninstall Safous Agent

This article will explain how to uninstall the Safous agent.

There might be a reason for you to uninstall the Safous agent. For example, your Windows account privileges might interfere with the Safous agent installation, in which case you might need to uninstall it. Perhaps the agent creates a class with a different agent you are using, or you no longer need network-based applications which require the agent. In all events, if you need to uninstall the agent, follow these instructions:

  1. Windows: Open the Run dialog box with the keyboard shortcut Win + R, type in the Appwiz.cpl command and press Enter to open the Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the agent. Alternatively, open the Control Panel, locate the Safous Agent (Cyolo Connect), and uninstall it.
  2. MacOS: Use this command to uninstall: sudo /Library/Application\ Support/cyolo/connect/connect uninstall
  3. Linux: Use this command to uninstall: sudo deb -r cyolo-connect

Please note that if you uninstall the Safous agent, network-based access and enforcement of device posture profiles will no longer function.