User Portal version 1.2.0 release notes

This release includes App Gateway version 3.2.3.


  • login/82 : Changed 2FA by SMS from URL click to 6 digit input.
  • main/116 : Users can download Safous Agent of MacOS
  • CY-3757 : Trigger OAuth authentication to the Safous Agent from the user portal 
    • Users no longer need to authenticate to the agent from the system tray icon. The platform automatically recognizes if the agent is required for the connection and authenticates the user through the browser.
  • CY-3544 : Ability to send keystrokes for VNC protocol in web-based access
    • To support Windows terminals that don't have peripherals (for example, no keyboard or mouse), we now enable sending keystrokes to the remote machine.

Bug fix

  • CY-3603 : Fixed login timestamp which is not stored for first log in
  • CY-3899 : Additional security anomaly fixes
  • CY-3691 : Safous Agent hotfixes 1.0.13