User Portal version 1.2.4 release notes

This release includes App Gateway version 3.3.1.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by the problem with this release. This issue has already been fixed.

Bug fix

  • view/115 : keep an active menu when click reload button on the browser
  • view/123 : fix a bug that displaying some application's name is not correct
  • view/125, login/64 : Pre-development of new features. Please wait for new features by Admin Portal.
  • CY-4030 : Error handling of API HTTP errors in integration validator
  • CY-4070 : Fixed session revocation in remote server protocols
  • CY-4098 : Added ability to control handshake timeout for Native SSH
  • CY-4237 : Fixed fast-access cache to be resilient to broken application config
  • CY-4241 : Fixed native RDP for Windows clients


  • customize/29 : Ability to apply your favicon.ico.
    Please replace /etc/safous/customize/favicon.ico to your favicon.ico if you want. And wait for one day because it's asynchronously ability.