User Portal version 1.5.0 release notes

This release includes App Gateway version 3.5.3.

New Features

  • Using Client Certificate in Safous Agent
    When users have multiple certifications on their device, they will be able to select the correct certificate from the Safous agent menu which Administrators previously connected to network application policy.
  • Provides Safous Command Line Menu, and you can configure "update time". Please see below.

Bug fix

  • CY-5266 : Fixed DNS resolution issues in Safous Agent
  • view/147 : Fixed the issue that Linux agent was unable to download


How to configure update time

  1. Start Safous Command Line Menu. Please input "sudo safous" on the App Gateway server2022-10-11-06
  2. Go to Configuration. Please input "8"2022-10-11-07
  3. Go to Time for Auto Update. Please input "1"2022-10-11-08
  4. Please input hour for update time2022-10-11-09