Why local IdP users still need to input MFA for several function when it's already disabled?

Local IdP users still need to input MFA for several functions because this is the behavior and specification from Safous. The mentioned functions are described below:

  1. "Admin" account when accessing Admin Portal (portal.safous.com and portal.safous.cn).
  2. Users that have "Recordings" and "Supervisor" privileges when accessing the "Recordings" and "Supervisor" functions. For the users that want to access the Supervisor and Recordings pages will be asked for the MFA to view the content of that pages.


If you want to omit to use MFA for all of your access, you can achieve that by using external IdP (AD,LDAP,SAML,OpenID) by choosing the "No MFA" option in MFA Mode.

To achieved that, open the Admin Portal and navigate to Settings > Configuration > Identity Providers and choose your desired external IdP. Click the plus button and hover to the MFA Mode option and choose "No MFA" and then click Save.