I Cannot Access User Portal and Got "remote error: tls: bad certificate" Error Logs

This kind of issue only occurred if customer using their own custom domain as Safous ZTNA tenant. This happens because the certificate that being used for App Gateway is not recognized by Safous PoP. Which could lead into two reasons:

  1. If App Gateway is using a self-signed SSL certificate, you will need to use a proper verified publicly signed by SSL certificate provider
  2. If App Gateway is using a certificate from a CA, App Gateway needs to send the entire certificate chain to Safous PoP (you need to make sure that cert.pem contains the entire chain, where the first cert is the server, the second one is the parent and the third one is the root)


It's always advice for the customer to read carefully on every steps and requirement in App Gateway Installation with Custom Domain, in order to successfully and correctly install the App Gateway