Login to User Portal

To login to the user portal of your tenant environment, you need these list:

  • User that already created by admin, please refer to here
  • Your favorite web browser to open User Portal
  • You favorite authenticator App (usually in your smartphone)


Open User Portal URL in your favorite web browser based on delivery information that you got from Safous representative or system, which the URL will be like https://users.<xxxx>.ztna.safous.com or https://users.<xxxx>.ztna.safous.cn depending which domain your environment you are using. Then your web browser will show you this login web page:


Click on With Credential and fill the Username form in the user portal with username that created by admin and then fill the Password form with the password that created by admin.


Once the correct user and password have been filled, it will redirected to new page that asking you about desktop name. Filling the information in this page is optional, so you could fill it or just skip it.


In the next page you will be redirected to verification page to enroll multi factor authentication (MFA). It has two option for the verification method, using QR that will be bind to you authentication app or using phone number which will send SMS to you.

If you chose QR code MFA, then please scan the QR code using your favorite authenticator application, which the authenticator app will give you time based token to be inputted. 

If you choose Phone Number, then you need to input your phone number country code and the rest of your phone number. Once you click send, the OTP will be send via SMS to your number 


Once you verified your MFA method, you will redirected to user portal that shows the app that can be choose. If you haven't been authorized to access any apps, then the page will not shows any apps