Create First Simple User

Creating tenant user for accessing your environment for the first time requires some of the checklist that need to be done first:

  • Deployed App Gateway in your environment, please check these KB for each domain your environment used:
  • Have admin user to configure tenant user, please check these KB down below:


  1. login to
  2. Go to Settings tab> ZTNA
  3. In Accounts, choose Users
  4. Click New User, it will expand multiple forms to be fulfilled for new user
  5. When filling the form, please follow these rules:
    • Username is the required filed, which is a unique value with other username
    • Email is optional, you could add it or not (you have set up some email notification configuration before you can use it)
    • Phone number is optional, you could add it or not
    • Identity Provider, for the simple user creation test just choose local
    • Personal desktop is optional, you could add it or not because it will be asked when user being enroll for the first time
    • Supervisor is optional, it's only needed if you want the new user being supervised when login
    • Password, Password must be longer then 8 characters and contain 3 of the next rules 1 uppercase letter 1 lowercase letter 1 number 1 symbol
    • Confirm password, ensure the value is the same as the one you put in the password form