Reset Local User Password

Function to reset local user password will be helpful for admin when the user forgot their account credential to access to user portal. In order to do that, you need to have admin user to modify tenant user, please check these KB down below about Admin access:


  1. login to
  2. Go to Settings tab> ZTA
  3. In Accounts, choose Users
  4. Click plus sign (+) on the user, which it it will expand the information for that specific user
  5. Once the information of that user being expanded and shown, there's "Reset Password" button to be function as a reset password of the user
  6. When "Reset Password" button click, it will asked the new password and the password verification for new password. If the password didn't match it will shows the warning message

  7. Click on the "Reset Password" button on down right side, which will pop-up confirmation notification. Just click "Reset"
  8. It will process the reset password request, when finished it will pop-up another notification of successfully reset the password