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Resetting Admin Portal Password

There might be a time where administrator of tenant that use Safous service forgot their password for some reason, so the administrator user need to reset the password of the account. Safous Admin Portal provides the ability to reset password for account that lost and/or forgot the password, but you need to ensure these things first:

  • Still have valid Contract with Safous Service Tenant
  • You know your account username that being use to access Admin Portal
  • Your account has valid email address that being registered
  • You still have your MFA App that binds to your administrator account
  • Your favorite web browser to open Safous Admin Portal

Once you ensure all those things still existed, then you can reset your Safous Admin Portal account password by following these steps


  1. Open Admin Portal URL, https://portal.safous.com/ in your favorite web browser. 
  2. Click on Forgot Password? bellow "Password" form
  3. You will redirected to new page, where you need to fill your username or email address
  4. Check your email inbox, which you will get new email from Safous about email reset password notification
  5. Click "Link to reset credentials", which the link only valid for five minutes. If it's already more than 5 minutes, you need to request again
  6. Once you clicked the link, you will be presented to scan new MFA
  7. Then you need to update the password
  8. When everything has been settled, you will be redirected to the Admin Portal dashboard


That's all it takes on how to reset your Admin Portal account