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How to perform App Gateway Standard Checking

In the case of any issue with Safous App Gateway, Safous support team will require you to perform some standard checking in the App Gateway and collect the log files and screenshots.

Once collected, please compress it into zip file and attach it with your inquiry mail. These logs and screenshots will help the support team investigate the root cause and troubleshoot faster.

Before proceeding, please ensure that you have fulfilled the requirement for App Gateway written here.

This procedure is suitable only for non-China environments.

Checking on the App Gateway Side

  1. Login via SSH to your App Gateway using an account with sudo privilege.
    • Ensure that you set your favorite SSH client to record the output of the session
  2. Execute the following command to perform the standard checking.
    • Connectivity check
      For "telnet" command, press "Ctrl + ']' " after the result shows, then type in "quit" and hit Enter.

      ping -c 10 repo.safous.com

      telnet repo.safous.com 443

      dig tcp.ztna.safous.com

      openssl s_client -connect <dig result of tcp.ztna.safous.com>:443 -servername tcp.ztna.safous.com 

      ping -c 10 ubuntu.com

      telnet ubuntu.com 443

      telnet cert-gen.ztna.safous.com 443

    • Operating system requirement check

      cat /etc/*release*

      ufw status

      df -h

      free -m
      cat /proc/cpuinfo


      sudo crontab -l
      cat /var/log/cron.log

    • Container check
      For the "docker stats" command, press "Ctrl + C" after 5 seconds of running.

      docker ps -a

      docker images

      cat /etc/cyolo/config/docker-compose.yml

      cat /etc/safous/user-portal/docker-compose.yml

      docker logs --tail 300 config_idac_1

      docker stats config_idac_1

    • SSL certificate check

      ls -lha /etc/cyolo/certs

      ls -lha /etc/safous/certs

      openssl x509 -noout -in /etc/cyolo/certs/cert.pem -text
      openssl x509 -noout -in /etc/cyolo/certs/cert.pem -subject -dates

      openssl x509 -noout -in /etc/safous/certs/cert.pem -text
      openssl x509 -noout -in /etc/safous/certs/cert.pem -subject -dates

      cat /etc/safous/tools/certbot-renew.sh

    • Files check

      ls -lha /etc/cyolo/
      ls -lha /etc/safous/

      cat /etc/safous/.config
      cat /etc/safous/.serial


Checking on the Admin Portal Side

  1. Login to https://portal.safous.com/ using your Safous Admin credentials
  2. Navigate to Settings > Configuration > Sites
  3. Expand installed sites configuration, it should show the App Gateway version.
    Screenshot the screen.


After you have collected all relevant logs and screenshots, please compress them into a zip file, then attach it to your inquiry mail to the support team.