Create First Simple App

Creating internal business application to be able to access from your ZTNA environment for the first time requires some of the checklist that need to be done first:

  • Deployed App Gateway in your environment, please check these KB for each domain your environment used:
  • Have admin user to configure tenant user, please check these KB down below:


  1. login to
  2. Go to Settings tab> ZTNA
  3. In Application, choose Applications
  4. Click New Application, it will expand multiple forms to be fulfilled for new application
  5. When filling the form, please follow these rules:
    • Name is the required filed, which is a unique value with other application
    • Application Address/FQDN/Hostname is required, it it for your internal business app that you will mapped by using IP format, FQDN or hostname
    • Select Site is optional, you could leave it as for now but it will became matters if you have more than 1 App Gateway
    • Access URL will automatically created, but you could custom the sub domain if you wanted to
    • Visible toggle can be change the visibility of the app in user porta;, for the first time better to make it visible
    • Icon is automatically will populate the icon if there is a standard HTTP/S application, but you could custom it if you want by upload the icon
    • Category is optional, it just to make more organized application type tag which by default it will use uncategorized tag
    • Protocols, you could select the supported app for now it will use HTTP
    • Port, by default it will use standard port that being used by each protocol options which you can use other port if that's the case
    • URL Path is optional, only used when you want to changed root/home directory
    • Single sign on is optional, if your app support for SSO then you could use it