Creating SSH based Application

To create SSH based application, you need to have admin user to for configuring your environment including adding application, please check these KB down below about Admin access:


  1. login to
  2. Go to Settings tab> ZTNA
  3. In Application, choose Applications
  4. Click New Application, it will expand multiple forms to be filled for new application

    1. Fill Name information, which is the required filed and must be unique value with other application
    2. Fill Application Address/FQDN/Hostname for your internal business app that you will mapped by using IP format (, FQDN (app1.coba.lan) or hostname (app1)
    3. Select Site is optional as you could leave it using "all" but for multisite deployment it's recommended to choose the correct site based on the application location
    4. Access URL will automatically created based on Name, but you could custom the sub domain if you wanted to
    5. Icon will automatically populated if there is a standard HTTP/S application, but you could custom it if you want by upload the icon
    6. Category is optional, it just to make more organized application type tag which by default it will use uncategorized tag. For more information please find here
    7. Next, ensure that the Protocols is "SSH"
    8. You need to choose at least one Connection Method for the SSH based application
    9. Port, by default it will use standard SSH port (22) but you can change it
    10. Single sign on is optional, if your app support for SSO then you could use it. More information about SSO can be found here
  5. Once every field has been filled and choose, the only thing to do is click "Save"
  6. Then it will give the successful notification


To access SSH application that you created, you need to ensure these things:

  • User that already created by admin, please refer to here
  • User already enrolled the MFA and can login properly, please refer to here
  • Admin already created policy mapping for app and user authorization, refer to here
  • Your favorite web browser to open User Portal

Once you login, then you will shown all the application that you could access 

Choose the access method you want to use

If you choose "Web", then the SSH session will be open in new tab of your browser

If you choose "Native", then the new tab will be open to give you information on how to connected to the SSH session