Creating Link Application (Bookmark)

Safous ZTNA offers an app function where customer can make some sort of "bookmark" in the user portal in order to make the end user experience more easily to access internal or public URL, the app called Links App. To create Link application, you need to have admin user to for configuring your environment including adding application, please check these KB down below about Admin access:


  1. login to
  2. Go to Settings tab> ZTNA
  3. In Application, choose Links
  4. Click New Link, it will expand two forms to be filled for new link application

    1. Fill Name information, which is the required filed and must be unique value with other application
    2. Fill URL that you want to register for link app, it can be for public url or private url. The format should use "https://" and can use IP format (eg. or FQDN (https://app1.coba.lan)
    3. Icon will automatically populated if the URL can be reachable from App Gateway, but you could custom it if you want by upload the icon
  5. Once every field has been filled and choose, the only thing to do is click "Save"
  6. Then it will give the successful notification


To access links application that you created, you need to ensure these things:

  • User that already created by admin, please refer to here
  • User already enrolled the MFA and can login properly, please refer to here
  • Admin already created policy mapping for app and user authorization, refer to here
  • Your favorite web browser to open User Portal

Once you login, then you will shown all the application that you could access 

Click the link app, then it will act like "bookmark" function. If the URL is publicly accessible, it open new page of the URL destination.

If the URL destination is not publicly accessible (internal url), the user need to ensure they connected to network app with agent -- more information about agent can be see in here